2020 Update: Cirsium hillii fire & fitness

We are still monitoring the fate of the patch of Hill’s thistle at Hegg Lake WMA. It is a unique patch in our study area, as far as we know. In summer 2020, we did not have time to visit the rosettes that we mapped out in previous years. Twice Stuart went to search for flowering rosettes. He found one! Here’s a photo of the flowering rosette from Sept 17th. Note it is all dried up. Stuart thinks that the head produced zero viable fruits because it looked like the head was intact and it crumbled when he handled it. But it is possible that that was a fruit that had already dispersed and the rest of the head remained intact.

Start year: 2014

Location: Hegg Lake WMA

Data collected: none.


You can find more information about our experiment on how fire affects the fitness of Cirsium hillii and links to previous flog posts regarding this experiment at the background page for the experiment.


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