Project Ideas

Here’s a list of ideas for independent or group projects that we discussed today.

1. Improve procedure for mapping seedlings in remnants.

2. Investigate new aphid biology: distribution, behavior, ant associates, et cetera.

3. Investigate biology and behavior of native bees:
flight distances in CG
find nests
pollination behavior Echinacea in CG
distribution with next boxes
bumblebee species

4. Do “Time lapse” photography of Echinacea heads to visualize floral development.

5. Pollen collection from plants to develop identification key (with pollen collection from bees to assess generalization/specialization.

6. Quantify plant species richness in remnants, experimental plots, local preserves.

7. Map distribution of Echinacea‘s co flowering species (Thistles, sweet clover, Coreopsis)
Kite or pole aerial photography

8. Collect seed of Stipa spartea or Dalea purpurea for common garden study.

9. There are many more possibilities…


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  • The time lapse photography sounds like it’d be really cool.

    With the aerial photography, I still question the ability to discern the various species at the heights we were flying last summer. Having the pictures available to you, could you tell what was what to any degree or was everything more or less smudgy?

    Having thought about it more, considering the swinging of the camera, shutter speed is probably the more important thing to control; the depth of field is going to be infinity if that’s what the camera focuses on, so aperature size shouldn’t matter.

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