Background reading

Background readings and other information.

Have you read the non-technical abstracts for our current research awards from NSF? Read them! 1355187 and 1052165. Also, the full proposals are here: 1355187 and 1052165.

Here is a Project Outcomes Report from the award that ended in 2011.

This paper identifies the new Aphid species that is an Echinacea specialist: Lagos & Voegtlin 2009

A printable map of some of our study sites.

Here’s a report on our qGen2 Experiment and our qGen3 Experiment

Here’s a report on the porcupine grass (Stipa) seeds written by two students from Lake Forest College. They entered all of the Stipa data from the summer, took photos of seeds, and did a seed morphology study during the last half of Fall semester. Here’s a link to their report (It’s huge ~16 MB): Stipa Report Fall 2009

This paper should serve as good background for identifying Echinacea pollen. It’s a MS thesis with some nice photos. Look at Fig 2.2 on page 25! Wist 2005.

This is a great book on pollination biology. If you can track it down, it will give you many ideas for projects:
Kearns, C. A., and D. W. Inouye. 1993. Techniques for Pollination Biologists. University Press of Colorado, Niwot, Colorado, USA.

Here is an excellent field guide to Echinacea visitors by Steph Pimm. We also have photos of Echinacea-visiting bees online. As you are thinking about projects, realize that you can’t assess seed set in Echinacea until the fall (taking Xrays, weighing, or doing a push test), but the Style persistence method can tell you if a floret hasn’t been fertilized (Wagenius 2004)!

GPS Operator Manuals

Our flagship GPS Darwin consists of a HiPER SR receiver and a FC-5000 controller. Download manuals here:

HiPer SR Operators Manual

FC-5000 Operators Manual

The Topcon GRS-1 was a great tool for surveying Echinacea plants. Here are four manuals and an xml file that you can read to honor the memories of Chekov and Sulu the GPS units:

GRS-1 Operator’s Manual
TopSurv Reference Manual
TopSurv User’s Manual
Topcon Link Reference Manual

Background Reading about Honeybees, Neonics & Steve Ellis

Watch, listen, or read two mainstream media pieces that feature Steve: NBC & MPR.

Here’s the Minnesota supreme court decision about spraying pesticides where Steve was a plaintiff.

Five Readings recommended by Steve:
Modern Farmer: Can a lawsuit save America’s bees?
PLOS_ONE: Sandrock et al. 2014
JEIT: Mason et al. 2012
Pollinator ad
PNAS: Di Prisco et al. 2013
Gardeners beware report: 8-13-13

More articles on various relevant topics.

Scan the titles! These were highlighted papers from previous years. There are many, so scan, pick, and choose.

  1. aguilar&al2006
  2. brys&al2004
  3. donaldson&al2002
  4. etterson&shaw2001
  5. keller&waller2002
  6. mckeown1999
  7. murren2002
  8. osborne&williams2001
  9. schulke&waser2001
  10. sih&al2000 3 pages!
  11. tallmon&al2004
  12. mazza&cottrell1999
  13. binns&al2002a
  14. theis&al2007
  15. weeks&frey2007

Here are a few experimental papers on pollination biology and competition for pollinators that may give you some ideas:


Let me know if you have any more recommendations for pre-summer reading!

Watch this helpful video on how to talk Minnesotan.

Stuart wrote up a list of potential project ideas. Please look it over.

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