Useful links

The Echinacea Project (website) WordPress Login:

EchStation Login:

R website:

Driving map from Ktown Hall to Hjelm house.

GIS resources for Douglas County, MN.

The Minnesota DNR has a Data Deli with many GIS resources.

Original land survey (Aug & Sept 1866) of Solem Township FTP

Here are some examples of historical aerial photos that reside somewhere on the deli:

biu02061, biu02050, biu03034, biw02068, biw01033, biu02063

This site has historic aerial photos that you can download, 1930’s-1990’s:

DNR deli has layers called “presettlement vegetation” and public land survey data:

Here’s a site with historic plat maps, maybe not useful for our purposes, but COOL:

Space weather. Check out the forecast before using the GPS!

MnCORS base stations. Are all nearby stations working?

Spot the international space station. Fun!

Douglas County map of parcels to learn landowners.

Grant County map of parcels and list of landowners.

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