Today was a great day!

Today was a great day for Team Echinacea! After a quick morning of remnant phenology, we finished measuring Lydia’s Experimental Plot 09!!! On the Northwest Phenology Route, all flowering Echinacea at East Elk Lake Road and North West of Landfill have finished flowering. It is pretty cool to think of how long we have been returning to these sites for phenology, and now many of them are wrapping up (and quickly!). In the afternoon Elizabeth, Gretel, Jared and I were busy working on demography at East Riley, Riley, Railroad Crossing, and North of Railroad Crossing. Other team members went to KJ’s to look for seedlings that teams have been following in years past.

On the pollinator note comes a follow up from Steve Ellis’s talk with us last Friday. I recently came to learn that the city of Shorewood, MN has passed a law banning the use of neonicotinoids!!!! Shorewood now joins the all too small list of cities banning neonics, including Eugene, Oregon and Spokane, Washington. Although this is a small step towards protecting the bees, Shorewood has made a very important statement. Check out the Star Tribune article about the recent ban, along with a post on the Beyond Pesticides Daily News Blog!


Today was a successful day for Team Echinacea! This morning Stuart, Gretel, Maureen and I FINISHED RECRUITMENT!!! Check out the twitter feed for some awesome pictures of that. Also, we were able to flag flowering plants at 5 sites this morning! In the afternoon, I finally got to flag flowering plants at the sites I will be working on for my project, with the help of Elizabeth and Will! Check out this cool picture of some heads I flagged at East Elk Lake Road (and note the beautiful White Spruce plantation in the background)!!!


Project Proposal Rough Draft

Grecco Echinacea Project Proposal Rough Draft.docx

Project Proposal

Team Echinacea has been hard at work in the field the last couple of weeks! But behind the scenes, we have also been working hard on designing our research projects for the summer. I am interested in looking at the asynchronous patterns of flowering phenology in E. angustifolia, and would also like to describe the co-flowering community. If you would like to know more, check out my draft of my project proposal!

Alli Grecco – FLOG Introduction

Hello everyone,

My name i Alli Grecco, and this is my first Flog entry! I thought I would start by telling you a bit about myself. I grew up in Minnesota, and love being back to the beautiful prairies! But now I live in Chicago, and am a student at DePaul University. Please view my profile page here:

I am so excited to be a part of Team Echinacea 2014, and cannot wait for the exciting research and fun ahead!