Echinacea hybrids–exPt 6

Description: In the summer of 2011, Nicholas Goldsmith and Gretel Kiefer performed reciprocal crosses between 5 plants of Echinacea pallida, a non-native species found in a prairie restoration at the Hegg Lake Wildlife Management Area and 31 plants of the native Echinacea angustifolia from experimental plot 1 to determine the hybridization potential of these two species. The E. pallida plants were mowed after flowering, so the achenes were lost but we harvested seeds from the E. angustifolia used in crosses and grew them as plugs in the laboratory over the winter. In the summer of 2012, team members planted 66 seedlings in two rows within Josh’s grass experimental plot. Team members take fitness measurements such as number of rosettes and leaf lengths every year.

Echinacea Pallida on Hegg Lake

Echinacea Pallida on Hegg Lake

Start year: Crosses in 2011, planted in 2012

Location: Experimental plot 6 (aka Josh’s plot)

Products: Check the flog for preliminary analyses and annual reports.

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