Summer 2013 Projects

Here is a list of activities that we have planned for the summer of 2013:

Tour Staffanson and Hegg Lake
Distribute tools, equipment, and pouches

Common Garden Management
Burn cg1
Broadcast seed cg1
Broadcast seed cg2
Weed CGs as necessary
Mow aisles in cg1
Flag & post signs in cg1
Collect Bouteloua curtipendula & Schizachyrium scoparium for seeding in CGs

Experiments in Remnants
Search for seedlings Spring. See Seedling Search Protocol 2013
Monitor recruitment exp. See Recruitment Protocol 2013
Assess pollinator community with pan-traps (Diersen)
Conduct annual census of flowering EA
Refind seedlings in August

Common Garden Experiments
Identify flowering EA cg1 & cg2
Assess phenology cg1 & cg2

Design 2nd community genetics (qGen2) crossing exp
Cross EA in qGen2
Harvest qGen2 heads
Organize qGen2 achenes
Prepare planting site and plant qGen2 achenes

Design aphid experiment
Conduct Aphid experiment

Measure plant morpho-physiological traits in Inbreeding experiments (Kittelson)

Conduct long-term pollen limitation experiment

Conduct resource limitation experiment (tops o’ heads)

Measure EA in cg1, cg2, Amy, Caroline, Staffanson

Measure Hesperostipa in cg1
Measure Dichanthelium in cg1-99s

Harvest heads. See Harvest Protocol CG 2013