Allison Grecco

About me:

I am a Senior Biological Sciences student from DePaul University in Chicago, focusing in Ecology and Evolution. My passion for Plant Ecology began at a young age, since I grew up surrounded by the beautiful lakes and prairies near the town of Ashby, in western Minnesota. Throughout my undergraduate career at DePaul, I have worked on projects examining synchrony in cone production of White Spruce and on a project identifying prey selection patterns of Naticid moon snails. I am very excited to be working in a new habitat (prairie) this summer, and am enthusiastic about the work that Team Echinacea 2014 is doing!

Research Interests:

I am broadly interested in quantitative plant ecology and describing the patterns and processes that I observe in nature. This summer, I will continue a project that looks at asynchrony in flowering phenology, both temporally and spatially, in Echinacea angustifolia. In addition, I aim to describe how the co-flowering community changes over the course of E. angustifolia flowering to provide information about plants that potentially compete with E. angustifolia for pollinators.