Andropogon gerardii

Andropogon gerardii Poaceae

Common name: Big bluestem

About this species:

Andropogon gerardii is a dominant grass in the tallgrass prairie in North America. This species is a perennial, warm-season bunchgrass.

  • Poaceae. A. gerardii is in the grass family, and is one of the dominant grasses the prairie
  • Perennial. Plants grow and resprout from clumps.
  • Reproduction. A. gerardii reproduces both by seed and rhizomatously.
  • Unusual seed dispersal. The fruits may be able to travel along the ground with a hygroscopic awn, with the daily fluctuation of humidity.
  • Wind pollinated. Like other grasses, A. gerardii is pollinated through the wind.
  • Self compatibility. Unknown.
  • Phenology. A. gerardii, a warm-season grass, tends to flower in mid July, with seeds ripening in late summer.


The USDA plant profile page for Andropogon gerardii.

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