Amber Eule-Nashoba

B.S., Biology, Northland College, 2000

M.S., Conservation Biology, University of Minnesota, 2010

Ph.D., Plant Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota, 2010-

Research Interests

Community ecology of Fabaceae members of prairie plant communities, particularly Dalea purpurea (Purple Prairie Clover).


It is my goal to investigate the relationships between legumes and other members of their ecological communities.


Eule-Nashoba, A., Biesboer, D., and Newman, R. 2011. Seed Size in Lacustrine and Riverine Populations of Wild Rice (Zizania palustris L.) in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Botany (In Press).

Andow,D., Bauer, T., Belcourt, M., Bloom, P., Child, B., Doerfler, J., Eule-Nashoba, A., Heidel, T., Kokotovich, A., Lodge., LaGarde,J., Lorenz, K., Mendoza, L., Mohl, E., Osborne, J., Prescott, K., Schultz, P., Smith, D., Solarz, and S., Walker, R. 2011. Preserving the Integrity of Manoomin (White Paper). University of Minnesota and Anishinaabe nations of Minnesota.

Grotheer, S.A., Hood, R.A., and Eule-Nashoba A. R. 2007, Biomass SOP / Custom Proposal NAQWA 2172: U.S. Geological Survey, National Water Quality Laboratory standard operating procedure BIOB 0333.1B

Presentations / Posters / Meetings

Presentation: Save Our Rice Alliance – August 2009

Poster and Facilitator:  Manoomin Symposium – August 2009

Judge: National American Indian Science & Engineering Fair and EXPO – March 2010

Presentation: Horticulture Departmental Seminar, University of Minnesota – December 2010