Marie Schaedel

Echinacea Project, 2013
B.S. Biology, Carleton College 2011-

Research Interests

This summer, I am interested in assessing whether and to what extent hybridization of E. angustifolia with E. pallida results in increased fitness of the F1 generation. I am also interested in quantifying the heritability of hybrid traits. Specifically, how closely do the observed phenotypes of hybrid offspring correspond to those of their pallida and angustifolia parents? What does this suggest about the heritability of the traits under study? Ultimately, the results of these studies will help me gain an insight into the future population dynamics of Echinacea in isolated remnant prairies.


I am a rising junior at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. My primary academic interests include plant development and ecology. Someday, I hope to conduct research on perennial polyculture or permaculture as possible strategies to restore biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.