Keaton Holsinger

B.A., Biology, Wabash College, 2011-present

About Me

My name is Keaton Holsinger. I am from Avon, Indiana which is about 20 minutes west of Indianapolis. I am currently attending Wabash College, a small all-male liberal arts college with a little over 900 students. In the upcoming fall, I will be beginning my senior year as a biology major. I recently discovered my passion for ecology and conservation biology, which has brought me here to the beautiful prairies of western Minnesota. I am interested in studying the effectiveness of different native pollinators. Since E. angustifolia incapable of self pollination, it relies heavily on local pollinators to disperse its pollen. And with the increasing relatedness (and hence incompatibility) in fragmented populations due to inbreeding, it is exceedingly important to investigate the effectiveness of pollinators. For this experiment, I will have the pleasure of collaborating with a fellow team member Maureen Page. We look forward to adding onto previous pollinator effectiveness work carried out by the Echinacea Project, along with observing pollinator behavior more in depth with the use of captured video.