Dalea purpurea

Dalea purpurea Fabaceae

Common name: Purple Prairie Clover


About this species:

Dalea purpurea  is a perennial legume, it has a taproot, and its many florets and form a spike. Flowering occurs from June through August and is native to central North America. Seeds are produced in bract-enclosed pods on the spike, with each spike producing around 150-250 seeds (Cane 2006).

Our interest in this species stems from its membership in the Fabaceae (legume) family, and its associated role in prairie community ecology.

  • Pollinators. The main visitors are a diverse group of bees.
  • Breeding system. Outcrossing with partial self-compatibility.
  • Flowering phenology. Flowering generally occurs between June an August with florets toward the bottom of the spike emerging first, then progressing further up the spike.




The USDA plant profile page for Dalea purpurea.

Team-members who have conducted research on this species: Amber Eule-Nashoba