Dayvis Blasini

Dayvis Blasini
Echinacea Project 2013
B.S. Biology, Northeastern Illinois University, 2011-2013

What effects can have the introduction of Echinacea pallida in restored prairies of western Minnesota. Specifically, I am interested in quantifying if there is a competition for pollination between the introduced Echinacea pallida and the native Echinacea angustifolia. Such competition would increase the pollen limitation in native Echinacea angustifolia. Simultaneously, this study would assess the likelihood of hybridization between these two species in nature. Also, I am interested in evaluating if known genetic variations produced by habitat fragmentation alter the interaction between E. angustifolia and its specialist aphid (Aphis echinaceae).
I am an undergraduate student from Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU). Although I was born and raised in Venezuela (South America), I consider the American Midwest my home. Due to the high degree of anthropogenic disturbances in this region, I am very interested in studying its ecology. Particularly, I am interested in the effect that invasive species and habitat fragmentation has in native species and communities.