Graduate student opportunities

There are several ways for graduate students to get involved in the Echinacea Project. Stuart advises students in the Plant Biology and Conservation program at Northwestern University. 

  • Applications for the Northwestern M.S. program are due February 15th.
    Applications for the Northwestern Ph.D. program are due December 1st.

Please contact Stuart about the Plant Biology and Conservation program and about working and conducting research at our sites in Minnesota.

Kristen Manion, NU Masters student, graduated 2021
Thesis title: Where do bees build their nests? The influence of land-use history and microhabitat on nest presence of ground-nesting bees
Drake Mullett, current NU PhD student
Dissertation title: The roles that parasitic plants play in
prairie communities
Wyatt Mosiman, current NU Masters student
Thesis title: Heritability and selection of fire-stimulated flowering in an herbaceous perennial

Lea Richardson, NU PhD student, graduated 2022
Dissertation title: Investigating impacts of prescribed fire on flowering phenology and reproduction in grassland perennials