Nordstrom’s Fire and Demography

Here are scripts and data used for analysis in the manuscript in revision at Oecologia: “Fires alter multiple vital rates and slow population declines in a long-lived prairie plant” by Scott Nordstrom, Amy Dykstra, and Stuart Wagenius (2021).

Final analysis was performed between February and April 2019, using R 3.5.0, brms 2.7.0, and Stan 2.19.1. This data was archived and uploaded to this page in May 2021. Changes to packages and software may cause results that are slightly different than, but qualitatively similar to, the original analysis. We have included original outputs from the 2019 analysis and labelled these files as such.

The repository is organized to match the workflow outlined in the paper: first fitting vital rates and then feeding these vital rate estimates in to a matrix analysis. The repository includes both a Readme file in the root directory with information for the whole repository and subdirectories have Readme files providing information on every file as well as how it fits in to the larger workflow. The whole of the directory is also uploaded in compressed (.zip) form with a dated filename.

For questions, please contact Scott Nordstrom at scottwatsonnordstrom [at] gmail [dot] com.

Link to data:

Change log:

6 June 2021: Raw data added in CSV form and readmes updated accordingly.

4 June 2021: Initial data upload to server.