Small Team: Big Dreams

We are down in numbers this week. Leah, Alyson, Alex, and Jennifer headed back to Ohio last week, and Amy and Will are in Florida for the ESA meeting this week.

Even with the low numbers we’ve been very productive these past two days. On Monday, we did phenology on the few plants that are still flowering. Then people split off and worked on individual projects and aphid treatments. Ruth Shaw and Margaret Kuchenreuther, a biology professor from Univ. MN Morris, came in for lunch.After lunch we headed out to Loeffler’s Corner to do some (former) seedling refinds.

This morning, we all split up to accomplish a lot. Scott and I finished up the aphid treatments from yesterday, Laura rechecked her project plant positions, Lea went out to Staffanson to put more plants into her project form, and James GPSed some more edges. Laura and Scott also found time to measure P6. At lunch, we had a delicious chocolate cake from Gretel and Hattie. YUM! After lunch we did full demo at Tower and South of Golf Course. We headed straight to Elk Lake after work to cool down and have fun!

Unfortunately, today was my last day with Team Echinacea. Thanks for a summer full of fun, learning, andĀ prairies!

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Scott searches for a tag during demo.

Scott searches for a tag during demo.

Yay! We've found a tag!

Yay! We’ve found a tag!

Saying goodbye to Roxy was the hardest. :(

Saying goodbye to Roxy was the hardest. šŸ™


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