Project status update: Pollen addition & exclusion

Echinacea head with pollinator exclusion bag

Echinacea head with pollinator exclusion bag

In this experiment we assess the long-term effects of pollen addition and exclusion on plant fitness. In 2012 and 2013 we identified flowering E. angustifolia plants in experimental plot 1 and randomly assigned one of two treatments to each: pollen addition or pollen exclusion. When plants flower in subsequent years they receive the same treatment they were originally assigned. Team Echinacea members record plant fitness characteristics annually. Here is the 2015 summary of the status of the 19 original plants in each experimental treatment:

2015 summary
 treatment   plantsLiving   plantsFlowering   headCount 
exclude 14 9 25
add 17 7 18

Read more about this experiment.

Start year: 2012

Location: experimental plot 1



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