2018 Update: Seedling Establishment

In 2018, we checked 80* focal plants at 12 remnants for nearby seedlings found in previous years. We found 97 out of the original 955 seedlings (26 fewer than the 123 found last summer). Although challenging to obtain, information about the early stages of E. angustifolia in remnants is critical to understanding the demography of these remnant populations. With still no flowering plants, it is plain to see how long it takes for Echinacea to begin flowering.

Between the summers of 2007 and 2013, team Echinacea observed the recruitment of Echinacea angustifolia seedlings around focal plants at 13 different prairie remnants. The locations of these seedlings were mapped relative to each focal plant and the seedlings (now former seedlings) are revisited each year. For each of these former seedlings, we make a record each year updating its status (e.g., basal, not found), rosette count, and leaf lengths. We also try to update the maps, which are kept on paper and passed down through the years, each person using a different color ink. As you can imagine, they are quite colorful & marked up by now.

It can be tough to find small plants like this one!

Year started: 2007

Location: East Elk Lake Road, East Riley, East of Town Hall, KJ’s, Loeffler’s Corner, Landfill, Nessman, Riley, Steven’s Approach, South of Golf Course remnants and Staffanson Prairie Preserve.

Overlaps withDemographic census in remnants

Data collected:

  • Electronic records of status, leaf measurements, rosette count, and 12-cm neighbors for each seedling. Currently in Pendragon database
  • Updated paper maps with status of searched-for plants and helpful landmarks

Products: Amy Dykstra used seedling survival data from 2010 and 2011 to model population growth rates as a part of her dissertation.

You can read more about the seedling establishment experiment and links to previous flog entries about the experiment on the background page for this experiment.

This number originally read 119, which is incorrect according to the sling master datasheet from 2018. EE edited this on 8 Jan 2020 while writing the PSR for 2019. I encourage someone to correct this number if it is now incorrect but to the best of my knowledge 80 is the number of maternal plants/circles visited.


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