2023 Update: Lilium fire and flowering

You guessed it! Jared AGAIN mapped a bunch of lilies in summer 2023… What a goof. We mapped 277 flowering plants within seven 60 x 40 m plots. Pods were harvested from ~20 plants.

Wait, what were you saying about Echinacea? I got distracted…
  • Start year: 2021
  • Location: Remnant patches of prairie in and around Solem Township, MN
  • Overlaps with: The setting sun and a full night of sleep
  • Data collected: Spatial and demographic data are housed in the remlp repo.
  • Samples or specimens collected: Harvested pods are in Jared’s office. They have been cleaned. All unprocessed seeds from prior years were returned to western Minnesota.
  • Products: Stay tuned!

You can read more about the Lilium fire and flowering experiment, as well as links to prior flog entries about this experiment, on the background page for this experiment.


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