27 July 2015: Pure phenology and watermelon

We started the day with phenology in all of the remnants as well as p2. It’s quite apparent that we’re past peak within the remnants and many of the big sites have more flowers that are done than still flowering. It’s an exciting time to be anĀ Echinacea because the styles have shriveled and the achenes will be forming soon.

An early afternoon meeting

An early afternoon meeting

We spent the afternoon finishing the crosses between the landfill sires and dams in p1 and then wrapped up with watermelon! Stuart, Danny, and Will had a watermelon seed spitting contest and Stuart’s rapid fire technique left all of us wondering where the seeds had went. In the end Stuart was victorious, spitting it roughly 4-5 meters and impressing us all.


Roxie is excited about the watermelon!


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