4th of July Picnic!

Hello flog readers! Today was a special day for Team Echinacea in that we had the day off for Independence Day! Stuart figured we were so productive the past week that we deserved to spend some time on the beach instead of in the prairie. Thus, the Town Hall crew (Myself, Amy, Drake, Julie, Erin, and Jay) joined the Wagenius family at Elbow Lake to engage in 4th of July Festivities. We were graced by the presence of Amy’s partner, Matthew Gullickson (a Gustavus graduate just like me), Stuart’s parents Jean and Dwight, and Stuart’s brother Peter and his family.

One of the highlights of the day was participating in the Wagenius family tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence. Although the Declaration is old and has some rather questionable phrases by today’s standards, it was very cool to engage with such a historical document with such a cool group of Americans. Following the Declaration reading, we ate an ultra-chocolatey fudge-coated mega super picnic lunch of fresh, homemade foods that was good for both the body and soul. In our leisure time, many people swam, canoed, skipped rocks, or just sat in the sun (I did that – I just sat in the sun). Nonetheless, the afternoon was filled with interesting conversations and loads of laughs. At one point we discussed starting a reality TV show for Town Hall… Here’s to hoping Stuart can write a grant for that.

We work tomorrow, but I know for a fact that I feel refreshed and recharged to pound out a ton of high-quality and efficient field work tomorrow. Happy 4th!

The group reading the Declaration of Independence
A nice view of Elbow Lake
Matthew and Amy’s dog, Gooseberry

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