A “Fair” Weathered Sunday

While much of Team Echinacea 2016 has returned to school (with Gretel, Hattie, and Roxy being our most recent members to say goodbye) the few of us remaining have decided it’s still time for some summer fun. So, today we started the day by sleeping in, eating various homemade breakfasts, and relaxing a bit more. As the morning chill burned off and the sun came out, we decided on a plan. The main activity of the day? Visiting the Douglas County Fair! We headed out in the early afternoon. Take a look at a few of the things we saw!

Each building had many interesting art pieces and exhibits. But what does this mean?

Each building had many interesting art pieces and exhibits. But what does this one mean?


The kids whose work is shown above may be talented photographers, but what is all this Echinacea purpurea doing in a Douglas County Fair photo contest? Echinacea angustifolia is actually native to Douglas County, unlike Echinacea purpurea!


Scott takes time to enjoy the Minnesota DNR building that is filled with exhibits on wildlife of the region. After the four of us explored this exhibit, we all spun the pollinator wheel and won posters after answering questions about native pollinators!


Here you see James and Amy depicted in this modern piece, “Sweet Corn is Summer”


James and Lea think real hard about what part of the goat the “poll” might be- they struggle less with “teat”.


Amy and Lea shown here as part of a performance art piece. “Just keep swimming with 4H” explores the roles of two young women accidentally caught in the current of the local big bass, 4H.


After our fun day at the fair, we shopped for our weekly groceries and drove back to Kensington. The weather today was truly fair, and the fair was truly wonderful- the perfect end to a great week!


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