A Frenzy of a Friday

Friday the 13th of July! Sorry for the late posting.

Weather report:
According to my field notes, at 6.35am at Hegg Lake it was warm, no breeze, and a little dewy. The rest of the day, it was hot and humid, though not as bad as the past few days.

Fieldwork report (morning):
I was at Hegg Lake from 6.35am-10.30am, checking on my Dichanthelium plants for seeds that are ready to be harvested. The unfortunate news: 1 of my experimental culms dried out, and another culm was broken off 🙁 On the brighter side, the potted Dichanthelium from my pilot bulk experiment are doing quite well, and a second one started producing spikelets!

Kelly and Shona were out at Staffanson GPSing all the flowering Echinacea plants, including Kelly’s phenology plants.

Andrew and Lydia were in C1 observing and catching pollinators for Andrew’s project. Lydia caught one pollinator. There wasn’t much activity in the garden.

Jill was identifiying ants under the dissecting scope in the basement all morning. She found that many of them were Lasius and Formica.

Katherine was working with the data from the aphid survey and conducting preliminary analyses. She is planning on performing aster analysis with her data.

Ruth, Amy and Brad came over today. After lunch, we headed out to Hegg Lake to Amy’s plots where we measured seedlings that were sowed in 2008. We were out there until almost 6pm, impressive work!

2012-07-13 11.18.02.jpg
Stuart and Ruth 🙂

2012-07-13 11.31.42.jpg
Poor broken culm of Dichanthelium. See how some spikelets were still open?

2012-07-13 17.48.55.jpg
Tired Team Echinacea…

2012-07-13 17.49.08.jpg


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