A Sunday in Andes and Alex

Today was a busy day for the Andes folks. Some of us started the morning off doing laundry, picking up groceries, and working on proposals in the coffee shop in Alex.

Ashley working on her proposal.

A lot of cool experiment-planning going on for Ashley’s project on style persistence.

Ashley’s drawings for hand-pollination of Echinacea heads.

There were also many dirt bike races going on all day at Andes, making for a loud afternoon in the condo.

Dirt biking from our window.

But, Wes came back from St. Olaf with quiche for dinner!

Delicious quiche made by Wes.

AND cookies!

Delicious cookies made by Wes.

Some of us were quite sleepy by the end of the day.

Bellamy being cute and sleepy.


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