A Typical Monday

Today was a beautiful day in Kensington, with a nice breeze and a high in the upper 70s. The pollinators apparently disagreed with this assessment, as both Dayvis and Kory had trouble finding them at their respective plots in Hegg Lake this morning. Back at the Hjelm House, Marie, Reina, Mike, and Gretel worked on phenology in the common garden. Flowering is finally well under way, although no one has a good estimate for the percentage of flowering heads. The Sara(h)s visited 5 remnants to monitor flowering and capture ants.


In the afternoon, Reina, Mike, and Pam worked on a poster for ESA. Marie and Dayvis went back to Hegg Lake with Sulu to find some well-concealed pallida plants. The rest of the crew worked on crosses in the common garden.

Dinner by Dayvis was delicious as usual, although he complained vociferously about the stove burning the lentils he had planned to serve. Reina donated two blocks of fudge given by her mother (Turtle and Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt). Sara Z went missing, and has no idea of the culinary delights that she missed out on.


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