And Then There Was One

After the excitement of yesterday’s goat herding adventure, Riley and I were happy to return to life and work as normal today, but that didn’t stop us from checking in with our favorite mischief-makers first.

Basil photobombs Riley’s pic with the newly dubbed Cream Cheese

We knocked out a small demo site before tackling harvest in P1 and P8 before lunch. After lunch we trucked out to P2 to harvest more heads. Though Echinacea flowering has concluded, the views from the plot are still gorgeous and bright with other flowers.

You can almost smell fall on the way!
Riley carefully examines a head and determines that it should be harvested before the whole flowering stalk wanders off

After heading back to Town Hall Riley bid me farewell and took off to the Twin Cities for his brother’s wedding. The mathematically-minded may have worked out that Town Hall’s population currently numbers just one person– me! (Unless you count the 72 ghosts in the basement, of course.) That’s a pretty lonely way to live though, so I convinced Baby the goat to come home with me and rematch for the WWE title.

I’m sure no one will notice the bites missing from the couch
Four legs good, two legs [on scooter] better!


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