Aug. 25: Anybody seen Ricky?

We were on our own again today because Stuart is still in Chicago. We wasted no time in getting out to P2 to measure some more. Our goal was to finish the rest of it this morning. We did just that and just in time for lunch! At lunch we had heated discussions about brownies/hot chocolate. Will also scrambled frantically around the porch for most of lunch trying to kill yellow jackets that have recently been appearing around lunch. His efforts were to no avail.

After lunch, we split into 2 groups. Will and Amy went and harvested heads at Landfill and Staffenson. Katherine, Gina, Danny, Ali and I also worked out at Staffenson doing demography. We ended the day with demography at East Elk Lake Road.

UPDATE ON RICKY/ERIC/CHARLIE/ERICA THE CATERPILLAR: I left the Hjelm house on Friday afternoon thinking that Ricky was going to have a safe weekend sleepover at the town hall. It was decided after I left, that he would be left on the grapevines near the porch because people were scared of him eating all the food in town hall. He hasn’t been seen since. I already miss that little stinker. 🙁

Pictured here is one of the best pet caterpillars there ever was.

Pictured here is one of the best pet caterpillars there ever was.


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