It’s seems like only yesterday…

It’s been under twelve hours since I last posted, so hopefully you’re not sick of me!

Today has been all about catching pollinating bees in the act. Three separate teams made the rounds catching bees pollinating Echinacea. Once we caught those busy little bees, we brought them back to the fridge to cool down (so they wouldn’t sting us!) and then we worked at collecting the pollen from their legs and body.

I’ll leave you with a little limerick about bees.

In a meadow, I chased buzzing bees,

With my cup, oh, the thrill it did tease.

But those critters so sly,

Dodged and soared through the sky,

And I was left with just grass on my knees.

The woodchuck who cannot cook

Over the last few days we have had the privilege of being visited at lunchtime by the local woodchuck that we have named… Robert (Bobby) Flay.

In honor of Robert, I have put together a little limerick about our little marmot.

There once was a woodchuck, you see,

Who couldn’t cook, no recipe.

He’d chop and he’d dice,

But it never turned nice,

His meals tasted like old fallen tree!

This morning we split. I was lucky to be part of a group with Jak where we searched for pollinating bees. We tried a new method to cool them down quicker. But, it would appear that we cooled them down a little too quickly. None of our bees survived our pollen collection. They made the ultimate sacrifice for science!

In the afternoon we bagged and collected pollen, then stacked our discarded data sheets in a pile that reached the height of the International Space Station. We look forward to reaching the Moon by next week!