Stipa Search Round 2

Today the team conducted the second day of Stipa search. This time we came back to know points with Stipa plants using our visor and confirmed if a plant was present. The team learned how to differentiate basal Stipa plants from other grasses in the plot and confirmed the presence of many Stipa grasses that weren’t logged during our first day of Stipa search. In the afternoon the team worked on staking more BB points and collecting/setting up more emergence traps.

Zach Zarling

Echinacea Project 2024

I’m a junior in Environmental Science at Western Washington University, expecting to graduate winter quarter 2025.

Pronouns: He/Him

Research Interests

I’m very interested the ecology of botany, mycology and soil. I’d be very interested in learning about how invasive species and fire ecology affect community structure of prairie ecosystems. 


I’m currently going to school in Bellingham, WA but I grew up in Eden Prairie, MN, glad to be back in the plains.

In my spare time I like to rock climb and kayak, birdwatch, forage mushrooms, read, and play banjo and guitar.