Baggie collection this week?

So sadly, it looks like I won’t be able to come back to Minnesota again this summer. It’s taking much longer than I anticipated to score slides and time is really running out (is anyone else wishing they had a few more days this summer? I sure do..).

I was hoping someone could remove my bags from the ground sometime this week. I’ve posted a file with all the individuals who should have a bag located just south of the plant. I hope this isn’t a very busy week for you guys! The bags can definitely wait if that’s the case.


I think Amanda should still have a file on her computer with labels for each individual plant. Coin envelopes were the perfect size for the baggies so hopefully there are still some of those left in storage.

Also, some of the bags may rip when you pull them out of the ground. To retrieve the membranes you may have to dig so you should have a trowel ready. You won’t have to dig more than 5 cm to find the brightly colored mesh with the membranes. Thank you so much for your help!



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