Breeding Systems Update

August looks like it will be my busiest month this summer. I’m currently working on four species, and will expect to start two more before the end of the month. Here’s the status of my species so far.

Pediomelum esculentum- I have collected fruit from all of my experimental plants. I have not started to count seed yet.

Dichanthelium oligosanthes- I have finished collecting fruit and am in the process of counting seed. From what I’ve seen so far, D. oligosanthes is SC, although I can’t rule out agamospermy.

Asclepias viridiflora- These plants are also in fruit. Of my selfed flowers, only one has remained on the peduncle. I doubt it will turn into a fruit, which could mean one of two things: A. viridiflora is SI, or I’m not qualified to be an Asclepias pollinator.

Potentilla arguta- My plants have finished flowering and are in fruit. I’m waiting for them to mature so I can start collecting.

Panicum capillare- I have about twelve inflorescences bagged and am trying to get the “styles on agar” method to work.

Cirsium altissimum- There are lots of plants and will be over a hundred heads to work with out at Hegg Lake. At this point none have flowered yet, but I have them all flagged, twist-tied, and ready to go.

Potentilla pensylvanica- I have been pollinating these at Glacial Lakes State Park for a few days now. They don’t flower a lot and they are nearing the end of flowering, but I believe I will manage to get enough pollinated before they finish. Either way, Glacial Lakes is a beautiful place to be doing field work!

Teucrium canadense- While checking out some Carex yesterday I discovered Teucrium growing at the back hill. There were enough plants to work with and not yet done flowering, so I flagged and bagged today. Tomorrow I will begin pollinations.

I also expect to be working with at least Muhlenbergia cuspidata and Solidago speciosa before the summer ends.


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