Citizen Scientists Day with our Team

On this day inaugural National Citizen Scientists’ Day, we acknowledge the hard-work and dedication of our team of Citizen Scientists in the Echinacea Project’s lab the Chicago Botanic Garden. Some of the citizen scientist members of our Team have been working on the project almost 15 years!

Read profiles of our fabulous citizen scientist Team members:

Aldo — — Anne — — — Art — — — Bill
Bob — — Char — — — Kathryn — — Laura
Leslie — — Lois — — — Lou — — — Marty
Naomi — — Shelley — — Suzanne — — Susan
Two humble volunteers declined to have profiles posted. We respect their privacy.

Read about some of the ways in which they contribute.

Read about what some of the activities from this past week.

Read many flog posts about our volunteer citizen scientists as written by members of Team Echinacea.



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