Elizabeth Mays Introduction

I graduated this May from Colorado College with a B.A. in biology focused on Organisms, Evolution & Ecology and with a minor in Environmental Issues. In Colorado I learned about forest ecology, forest-fire ecology and short grass prairie ecology. I have also studied ecosystems abroad including the Mongolian Steppe and Altai Mountain range, the Ecuadorian mountain range, coastal range and tropical rain forest. Most recently I studied the Patagonian steppe in Argentina. I love traveling and learning about new ecosystems and cultures. I’m originally from the northern suburbs of Chicago where I grew to love prairies and Lake Michigan.

This summer I hope to study intrafloral seed set variation by observing stigma persistence and pollinator visitation frequency. I’m happy to be back working in the tall grass prairie!

You can learn more about my research interests by looking at my profile on the Echinacea Project website profile.


In a Lenga forest near Bariloche, Argentina


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