An inevitable deterioration toward uniformity. Echinacea and tags becoming one with the soil. This may be stretching the meaning of entropy, but there were a surprising number of Echinacea heads gone and many tags were nowhere to be seen. So many heads were gone in Staffanson that we began to wonder if there had been some busy rodents, deer or humans. Anyway, you may be accustomed to hearing that we did demo at Staffanson, and today was no different. We spent the entire day as demographers, but at last we finished with all 1200 some plants (500 today)! Like soldiers coming home from a war, we were both joyous and perplexed as to what more there was to be done. We had spent the coldest day of the summer, the buggiest day, one of the warmest and some of the longest days doing demo at Staffanson.  We soon realized there was much more to be done. In a world without entropy, we could hope to harvest, recheck p7 and do demo at Aanenson, KJ’s and North West of Landfill. We’ll try, but stand by for updates on what we can accomplish in the next two days. After work we finished both the root beer and the ice cream, so no more floats for us. They were pretty musty (scrumptious).

We march out of battle, victorious

We march out of battle, victorious


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