Field Season 2019, Day 1 – Drake, Jay, and Shea

It had been a long 9 months in which nobody paid me any attention. Then finally, on June 17th, The Echinacea Project field crew that contained Jay, Shea, and Drake came to visit me. They were there to learn how to use their visors and to hone their estimation skills. They counted my flowering heads and searched around me for my nearest neighbors trying to gauge how many of them would be flowering too. We had an unexpected visit from the farmer next door who was riding in this sprayer. The Echinacea Project crew and I were startled and wondered if he would just pass and pay us all no mind. Then the unthinkable happened. I was nearly run over!

We all looked at each other in shock but started to calm down.  The worst was over, or so we thought… the farmer’s sprayer began to extend its wings! The neighboring crops may be genetically modified to withstand his herbicides but I’m all natural. The field crew having finished what they came for and fearing being sprayed accidentally rudely returned to their car and left me for dead. I know they will be back later in the season to check up on me and my flowering heads though.


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