Field work summary: May 20 – May 22




  • SW & JB arrived Wednesday evening (May 20)
  • SW and JB walked burn breaks and developed plan



  • WR and JB mowed break around North field and South field of P1
  • WR and JB started clearing break for southeast hill
  • SW drove to Alexandria and picked up Bush Hog
  • SW, JB, and WR prepared equipment for burning
  • Ignition time just after 1pm
    • Burn crew: WR, SW, JB, Brad, Amy, Joyce, and Jean
    • Started in the southwest corner of P1 and continued to the southeast corner
    • Backfire through south 1/3 of common garden
    • Wind was N-NW, fairly consistent 10-15mph
    • SW downloaded weather history for Alex and Elbow Lake, these forecasts accurately reflected the conditions
    • Burn in P1 was slow but thorough, walking path on the south end did not burn well
    • Patch east of the southeast corner of common garden also did not burn well
    • 2 piles burned in the hedge row on the east side, these piles burned for hours
  • We did not burn the entire south field of P1 because of time constraints but we completed a small burn around 99S, very complete burn
  • We burned Jean’s garden (just north of 99S)
  • We then drove to Holmes City and burned Joyce’s 10 acre restoration
    • Dwight and Matt joined the burn crew for this burn
    • Burn went well but it would have been good to have burn breaks, simply mowing a strip around field would be helpful



  • JB and WR planted some E. angustifolia and E. pallida from Ian’s competition experiment on the south side of the Hjelm House (~30 planted)
  • JB and WR prepared burn breaks for SE hill, cut path through woods
  • Winds were light and variable until 1pm so we did not burn
  • Found Viola pedatifida flowering on SE hill just uphill from ephemeral pond, also a few plants flowering in path on top of savannah hills
  • WR and JB visited SPP to investigate problem akas cg00 and as03 for demap
    • Flowering plants included Commandra, Pedicularis, Zizia aptera, Geum triflorum, Lithospermum canascens, Anemone patens (seeding), Viola pedatifida, Sisyrinchium, and Astragalus crassicarpus
  • SW and JB put out smoldering piles in P1
  • Visited Hegg Lake WMA during burn, fire looks great!
    • Burn at P2 was thorough, some paths between rows evident but partially burned, one patch of Antennaria at west end of P2 was unburned
  • JB broadcast seed in P1:
    • Bouteloua curtipendula, Schizachyrium scoparium, and Galium boreale in common garden experimental plot
    • Onosmodium, Dalea purpurea, Hieracium, Zigadenus, Potentilla arguta, Carex spp. and Heuchera in ditch
  • SW broadcast Bouteloua, Schizachyrium, and Galium in P2 at Hegg. All seed was collected from Hegg WMA in fall 2014.
    • Oxytropis was broadcast in southwest corner of P2

Burn 2015 007


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