Finding Flowers!

Friday morning started with the whole team doing our first full round of phenology. I headed out with Mia to a couple of sites, we managed to find lots of new flowers and do phenology on multiple sites. At North of Golf Course, we managed to find so many new flowers that there are now 5x as many heads at the location as before! At East Elk Lake Rd, Mia and I set up some filters for Team Dust. The filters are measuring how much dust is deposited at multiple locations at different distances from the gravel road.

After lunch Mia, Laura, Kennedy, Wesley, John, and I went out to finish flagging experimental plot 2. I can proudly say that we finished flagging and the plot is completely ready! Kennedy had the highlight of her life occur while out of P2, she almost dropped her water bottle while taking a drink but made an amazing save!

Since we finished flagging before the afternoon was over, each of us split up to help others with other work that needed to be done. I went out with Jared and helped him count Stipa at Landfill. We did not expect just how many plants were at the locations we were searching at, it took a while longer than expected. Once we finished we went back to Hjelm for a little watermelon treat and some good conversation.

Glad to have had a second successful week! Catch you later,



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