Fluctuating Asymmetry!

A redesign of the original asymmetry contraption has finally reached (hopefully) it’s perfected state. With a black felt backing I was able to take several test pictures in the ’99 Garden South with the assistance of Dr. Andrew McCall.

One of these pictures was this beauty:

Later work with ImageJ allowed me to create a simplified version of the picture, with only the ray florets visible.

It looked something like this:

From this I was easily (with the help of a few lovely plug-ins), able to measure the areas of each ray floret. Thus, a measure of asymmetry is born!

On a note less related to Echinacea, I have realized that I haven’t loaded very many of my own pictures from this adventure. I then remembered that I hadn’t taken very many pictures, so in a frantic effort to catch up, I took a ton on a single day of work. So without further ado, I present to you the best of the pictures I have taken so far.

A Man and his Eggs.
man and eggs.jpg

Place of Work.
the CG.jpg

Man at Work.
sawing josh.jpg

Additional Folks at Work.
jul, rach, andy working.jpg

Jameson stole Per’s Hat…
jameson per hat 2.jpg

…So Per stole Jameson’s Hat.
per jameson hat.jpg

That’s all for now, I’ll get some more later. Maybe…


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