For Hire: Private Eyes

Today, we began flagging the always-elusive P8 common garden. Unlike our other experimental plots where individuals were planted as seedlings on a grid, P8 involves seeds that were sprinkled along a meter transect. This plot, which investigates the evolution potential of two remnant prairies (read more about the experiments in P8 here!), also has a transplanted remnant prairie smack-dab in the middle of it! Flagging this monster is no small feat.

I was lucky to be partnered with Blaire for this flagging quest and we were an unstoppable duo. Each meter transect is marked with a nail, and between the the two of us, we had a high success rate for nail unearthing. Oftentimes they were parallel with the ground or hidden by nail-like imposters (rocks) that we suspect Stuart may have planted to test our nail-finding abilities. Blaire dubbed us as “private eyes” and I said we were “human metal detectors”. If you’d like to hire us for your investigation needs, you can contact us through the flog.


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