Friday July 24th

Friday was a phull phun day of pure phenology! We visited all the remnant sites, P1, and p2. As the summer slips away from us, so does the flowering Echinacea. Though phenology¬†has been taking less time it serves as a sad reminder that summer is beginning to wind down. After all the phenology was completed, we all worked out in P1 on crosses for the Q3 experiment. Some of us also peaked on some of the crosses from the previous day, curious to see whether our crossing technique has been effective. When we see shriveled styles on heads that we have crossed, and those styles are not associated with bracts that are painted white to denote that they may have been pollinated before we designated them as part of the Q3 project. It was exciting to see how it has been working, and we’ve been seeing some preliminary shriveling on what we crossed! After work, most of the team (minus Gretel, Stuart, and Matt) headed back to town hall Lea made yummy guacamole and a group made some homemade chips! At the end of the day we went to Abby’s house and watched McFarland projected at her outdoor theater! It was a very full, and very fun day.


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