Friday Phenology Fun

Today was the first day that we went out to do phenology at all the remnants, p1, and p2. The weather was really nice, the first day all week that we have seen the sun for more than a brief moment. We saw lots of flowering Echinacea, and since the weather was so warm (and had been so cold) we saw lots of pollinators! I saw one plant with two bees on it at once while Ashley and I visited our Aanenson remnant.

Two tiny pollinators!

We finished phenology before lunch and after lunch Tracie and I went to Staffanson to GPS the new flowering plants that Gretel and Anna found this morning, we also found a couple new flowering plants. Alex went out solo with the GPS to survey the points for the yellow pan traps and Lea’s vegetation surveys. The rest of the team worked in p1 verifying positions of flowering Echinacea¬†and the positions of plants that will be used in the Aphid exclusion and addition experiment that has been going on for several years.


Happy Friday!




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