Friday the 13th: AKA Phenology Day

Luckily the fear of Friday the 13th did not hinder Team Echinacea’s efficiency¬†in the field. We actually accomplished quite a list of tasks and made for a productive day.

  • Today was a designated phenology day, so the team split off and headed to P1, P2, SPP, or remnants to collect data


  • John and I finished soil samples at East Elk Lake! We recorded data about the slope, aspect, and bare ground percentage, along with a sample, at almost 160 points.


  • Lunch did not include quite as many debates about what and what is not a sandwich, but we did watch the almost 5 1/2 hour match between Isner and Anderson at Wimbledon!


  • The afternoon included measuring P9 (another hybrid plot at Hegg Lake), work in P2,¬† moving emersion tents, and aphids.


  • And now it’s the weekend, so Friday the 13th was not too unlucky after all!

Till next time and happy Friday!

The team after phenology in P1


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