Goodbye Ashley!

It was a sad morning saying goodbye to Ashley. She left everyone cute goodbye letters with hand-drawn Echinacea. Ashley was such a wonderful part of of the team! Lea and I took Ashley to Perkins in Alex early this morning to have breakfast with her before her shuttle picked her up. She’s heading to St. Louis for a couple days and then watching the eclipse before going back to school in Arkansas.

Lea and Ashley in Perkins.

We already miss you Ashley!

Later in the morning Lea and I went out to a few remnants to stake for Rich Hood. We staked the Golf Course to Around Landfill loop, and then took some data at 5 of our plots at Around Landfill. We found some strange Artemisia ludoviciana plants that were losing their color.

A strange Artemisia ludoviciana.

Tomorrow we are hoping to finish up staking and collect vegetation data at our Aanenson plots!

See you next time, flog!


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