Ground markers

How are we figuring out what goes where? In most KAP applications, the camera is pointed at the horizon, or slightly towards the ground from the horizon. It’s pretty easy to get landmarks this way (trees, buildings, roads, stuff like that). Looking at the ground, however, it’s not so easy. How do you get good landmarks in a sea of green?

Simple. Ground markers.

It’s really a pretty simple marker. Made from 2 pieces of meter-long wood (it’s several centimeters wide, but I don’t recall off the top of my head.) The boards are painted a flat white, North is painted red (lighter grey in the above image). The stripes are painted flat black (darker grey in the image). The boards are drilled through the center and affixed with a bolt and wing nut, to easily collapse them for storage and transport. Red is painted on the edge of the east-west board facing north, to keep it keyed when unfolding.

Download a PDF with 20 ground markers already made
Download the GIMP source file for the ground markers


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