Happy Andespendence Day!

By the dawn’s early light, I was once again out on the hunt for bees. As soon as I arrived at East of Town Hall I secured my first catch, which, after a morning of searching, turned out to be my last. I returned to Andes with the single bee in tow, wiped her of her pollen, and released her on the way to laundry day at the Elk Lake House.

After laundry the Andes crew returned home for a pizza dinner and Pirates of the Caribbean. To partake in the 4th festivities, the four of us climbed up the ski slope and got a full view of the firework display. From our vantage point, we had an unobstructed 360 degree view of the fireworks in the surrounding towns, not to mention font row seats to the sunset– it was definitely worth the hike. Stay tuned tomorrow for a continuation of the celebration!


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