Happy July!


Is that a cone-headed grasshopper on a cone flower? This is not the pollinator we were looking for.

Today was another eventful day in the great plains. We started the morning bright and early with pollinator observations, and while it wasn’t the busiest day, we still saw a number of solitary bees. Sitting and watching flowers for a few hours provides ample time for deep thoughts, such as wondering how bees can pollinate wild parsnip without getting chemically burned and why all other flowers but the flower I am observing have pollinators on them. Throughout the day, we continued to map Echinacea with GPS, and during the afternoon, our budding detectives, Lea and Will, sorted out all the inaccuracies of the GPS points. Tomorrow we plan to visit all sites to look at flowering phenology and style persistence.

After work, the town hall folks made some pizza and enjoyed some telephone pictionary. As you all know by now, we had planned to play more Farkle tonight, however during our game of telephone pictionary (a game similar to telephone, but with sentences and pictures rather than whispering), it came out that Amy “Farkle Queen” Waananen had been mind controlling us throughout the Farkle game last night. We have yet to discover how that had any effect whatsoever on the game last night, but investigations are under way. Provided is the basic photographic evidence of this event.


Amy, top middle, mind controls us during a game of Farkle


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