Hot, Hot, Hot

It’s phenology Monday!!!! Everyone headed out to different remnants and experimental plots to collected data on flowering Echinacea. Lea, Ashley, and I took care of experimental plot 2 at Hegg Lake.

Lea phenologizing P2

In the afternoon it was hot! We measured basal Echinacea plants in experimental plot 1, then we split up into different projects. Anna and I worked on the group aphid project by excluding and adding Echinacea-specific aphids to various plants. Ashley and Gretel pollinated and painted heads for Ashley’s project. Tracie, Will, and Stuart worked on data organization.

Tracie, Will, and Stuart mull over data.

Just before we finished for the day a large thunderstorm appeared and moved in. It made for quite a beautiful sight on our drive home!

Thunderstorms over Solem Township

Happy Monday!



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