Internet down at Andes

We haven’t been blogging for quite a few days now because the internet has been down at Andes. Apparently the technician from Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association couldn’t figure out what’s wrong, so he went home.

Here at research central, we’ve been luckier. No visits necessary from Runestone (but no time to blog either). When service is back up, we’ll have lots to write about, including:

1. Our trip to Pembina to monitor Gretel’s orchid management experiment. (We saw a prairie chicken and sandhill cranes, but no moose).

2. Failed attempts at kite aerial photography on Friday the 13th. (Plus details about what we learned in the process.)

3. Reports from the Bee team on their successful tracking endeavors.

4. A recap, or three, of BSA meeting.

5. Weeding & other adventures in the common garden.


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