Guard Yourselves. The Jets Are Firing Thunderstorms

Many of you may not have paid too much attention to the forecast for Kensington, Minnesota this morning, but it was a doozy. I have included a very slightly adapted version of the local forecast from this morning.

Hazardous weather statement:


Town hall forecast office precipitable water analysis.

Locally violent and drenching thunderstorms will take aim at the north-central United States into Monday night.  Some communities from the eastern part of the Dakotas to Minnesota and western Wisconsin, southward to Kansas and Missouri will be in the crosshairs of damaging storms. According to local amateur meteorologist, Stuart Wagenius, low level jetstream activity may be firing thunderstorms towards Douglas County, Minnesota. The major threat of these storms will be delayed work, 10:00 AM at the latest, cloud to prairie fragment lighting and musty winds. “A few cities that will have to be on guard [to defend themselves from jets firing thunderstorms] in the afternoon and evening include [Kensington, Hoffman], Minneapolis, Omaha, Nebraska [and a few other extraneous metropolises],” AccuWeather Meteorologist Jake Sojda said.

Hour by hour forecast:

10:00 AM. Rain and gusty winds.

11:00 AM. Surprise thunderstorms possible! While monitoring phenology, Team Echinacea members are advised to take cover in their vehicles before their study site is struck by lightning.

12:00 PM. Looks like it might rain, but not enough to keep you in. Precipitable rain is 2 inches. Who knows what that means; we just like the sound of the word precipitable.

1:00 PM. Is that rain on the horizon? Anyone outdoors advised to speed up phenology data collection without losing any accuracy.

2:00 PM. That was rain on the horizon. Might as well eat lunch until the rain stops again.

3:00 PM. Slight chance of rain and cloudy. Winds gusting to over 35 mph from the east, but they’ll feel much faster than that when you have to hold a bag of flags, a visor, a pen and a clipboard with many maps.

4:00 PM. Cloudy and dank.

5:00 PM. Who knows. It doesn’t matter anymore because everyone will be working on dinner and proposals anyway.



The K-town dentists are hard at work on Laura’s wisdom teeth. Once we find some string and a door we’ll be in business.


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